What is Applied Movement Neurology and what has it done for me lately?

Applied Movement Neurology


AMN is a comprehensive Personal Training system of strength, health and wellness that acts to functionally drive the nervous system to relieve pain, promote optimal respiration and increase complex motion skill via brain based drills, gymnastics, hand balancing & martial arts movements.

 Sooooooooooooo………..Why the brain? 

Quite simply our brain and nervous system are in charge of everything that we have ever or will ever experience. Understanding the governing system of the body affords you a vastly increased accuracy to your rehabilitative or performance enhancing interventions. Understanding how to allow the nervous system to thrive, drives health & performance to levels that are otherwise unobtainable.


The primary objective of every human brain on this planet is that of survival. While extremely high levels of performance and skill are obviously possible, we are primarily wired to survive.

Survival is based on two simple concepts;

Fuel and Activation

The term fuel encompasses two things:

A constant supply of glucose to the brain 

A constant supply of oxygen to the brain

If either of these compounds are withdrawn from the system we shall either suffer a slow or quick death, either way our survival coding will be overridden. Each of these components can be optimised. In regards to respiration there is a common pattern that will promote health in all individuals. Normal diaphragmatic function and balanced O2/Co2 ratios.

In regards to fuel it gets a lot more complex. To optimise health via nutrition we have to accept that every single nervous system is completely unique. Peanut butter may be one persons favourite snack, while it may kill someone else. Blanket recommendations on nutrition over and above avoiding processed foods and a continuous influx of high sugar foods are tenuous at best. We must test an individuals physiology if we wish to accurately describe what is healthy for them or otherwise.


Activation refers to the information that the brain and nervous system receives over the course of a lifetime and it is also something we can choose to optimise.

We may assess a persons neurological function via observation of their ability to perform certain movements and tasks. Balance, eye movement, joint motion, coordination, awareness of sensory touch such as hot/cold, light, vibration, pain, sound, smell, vision, strength & mobility each help to build a picture of an individuals activation state.

AMN brain based drills act to provide the specific activation necessary to promote or enhance an individuals survivability. Directly driving the brain is the fastest & most effective way to clear compensations. Being cognisant of the need to promote balance within the nervous system simply allows the organism to be normal. Normal is a good starting point to work towards optimal.


Different kinds of movement promote different adaptations. Moving at a slow to moderate pace in a cyclical fashion (cardio) will promote an adaptation called angiogenesis. This is the proliferation of new blood vessels from existing ones. Linear based strength training promotes what is known as synaptogenesis at the level of the spinal cord. Synaptogenesis is an increase in structure of & number of connections between neurons that fire our muscles to contract. Complex/acrobatic training promotes synaptogenesis at the level of the brain, specifically within the cerebellum & frontal cortices.  A complex strength sequence such as performing a muscle up in to an L sit, forward roll & back in to a top support on the olympic rings will promote positive adaptations at the level of the tissues, the spinal cord & the brain.

If your goals are strength, muscularity & high levels of movement skill as well as enhanced health & wellness, the combination of neurological re-patterning drills, gymnastics, martial arts & hand balancing skills is hard to beat!

Emotional buy in 

There’s no doubt about it, learning complex skills like handstands & throwing tornado kicks is fun, challenging & cool. It takes months to gain the strength to hold even some of the basic gymnastic progressions. When you achieve these skills there is a huge reward that follows. As one of my clients put it after nailing a handstand;

“You’re so right, you don’t get that buzz lifting metal!”

There is no reason that people shouldn’t be crawling, rolling, kicking, climbing ropes, performing handstands & muscle up’s in commercial gyms, parks & training studios. Exercise & personal training can encompass so much more than relentless sets of walking lunges & bicep curls & its a real added bonus that people have fun trying.

 The nutshell

We are wired for survival. To promote the experience of health & wellness we must promote optimal fuel & activation. Complex movements that require strength, balance & coordination activate the cerebellum & brain & thus optimise activation.

Training becomes practice & practice is fun

Very simply, the brain & body will get better at what it practices or is exposed to the most. Practicing squatting with heavy loads will make you better at squatting heavy loads. Bodybuilding will make you better at moving in isolation & directing glycogen storage to each muscle group. Sitting slumped over a computer for 10 hours each day will make you better at using a computer & slumping, practicing a negative or positive attitude will improve performance of either one.

AMN offers the ultimate corrective exercise & pain relief as well as the movement progressions that integrate & strengthen the governing system of the body.

We want to spread our philosophy on exercise around the world and to help as many people as possible to explore and enjoy their potential for movement. 

We have a free AMN starter course being released shortly, please help us spread the word by sharing our philosophy with as many people as you can and sign up for our free course by following this link


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